CS 262B Advanced Topics in Computer Systems - Spring 2009

Reading Analysis

Name: <your name>
Date: <today>

Paper Title: <title>
Author: <author>
Date: <date>

Novel Idea
<Describe in a sentence or two the new ideas presented in the paper>
Main Result(s):
<Describe in a sentence or two the main results obtained in the paper>
<What is the importance of these results.  What impact might they have on theory or practice of Computer Systems>
<What reasoning, demonstration, analytical or empiricial analysis did they use to establish their results>
Prior Work:
<What previously established results does it build upon and how>
Competitive work: <How to the compare their results to related prior or contemporary work>
<Could you reproduce the findings?  If so, how?  If not, why not?>
<A question about the work to discuss in class>
<A criticism of the work that merits discussion>
Ideas for further work: <Did this paper give you ideas for future work, projects, or connections to other work?>