Convergence of Parallel Architectures


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Table of Contents

Convergence of Parallel Architectures

Recap of Lecture 1


Plan for Today


Programming Model

Shared Memory => Shared Addr. Space

Adding Processing Capacity

Historical Development

Shared Physical Memory

Shared Virtual Address Space

Structured Shared Address Space

Engineering: Intel Pentium Pro Quad

Engineering: SUN Enterprise

Scaling Up

Engineering: Cray T3E

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Message Passing Architectures

Message-Passing Abstraction

Evolution of Message-Passing Machines

Diminishing Role of Topology

Example Intel Paragon

Building on the mainstream: IBM SP-2

Berkeley NOW

Toward Architectural Convergence

Data Parallel Systems

Application of Data Parallelism

Connection Machine

Flynnís Taxonomy

Evolution and Convergence


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Dataflow Architectures

Evolution and Convergence

Systolic Architectures

Systolic Arrays (contd.)

Convergence: Generic Parallel Architecture


Layered Perspective of PCA

Communication Architecture

Communication Abstraction

Understanding Parallel Architecture

Author: David E. Culler

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