Create for Change Community Arts Fest 

CreateForChange Returns in 2008 for Obama. See

We had a great time at CreateForChange.  Roughly 500 people of all ages showed up to enjoy beautiful art work, music, stories, great food, dancing, playing, and, of course, each other.  We even had special bottles of "Bush Beatin Zin". We sang Happy Birthday to several Moms in the crowd - taking back the day just a little bit.   We raised over $15,000 -  3/4 to MoveON and 1/4 DNC.  And most importantly, we all left feeling uplifted.  Keep it up folks!

Program of local musicians and spoken Word

  • Taiko Drums by Sarita Escobar and Susan Horn
  • Copper Dome Bodhi
pics/ThumbCopperDomeBodhi.JPG       pics/ThumbCopperDomeBodhi.JPG  
 Stephen Clayton, Ed McCormic, Debbie Cox, Bob Spencer,  Bob Eldridge, Mark Foley
  • Ian Hoffman
  • Cazadero Jazz Collective
    • Gael Alcock, Lisa Leal, Marie Monrad, Pat Schlesinger, Tomas Schoenberg, Laura Stachel, Larry De La Cruz
  • Wonderful Tales by Eth-Noh-Tec
pics/EthNohTech.JPGpics/EthNohTech.JPG  pics/AliEthanSaraJacob.JPG    pics/KidsWatchingENT.JPGpics/KidsWatchingENT.JPG   pics/ThumbENT_view_from_stage.JPG    pics/ThumbENT-bow.JPGpics/ThumbENT-bow.JPG
  • Tuesday's Alibi
    • Lisa Sniderman, Linda Spencer, Paul Cerami, Diane Stark, Rudi Widman, Bill Alberti, David Culler 
  • Youngster
    • Gary Parsons, Lisa Sniderman, Linda Spencer, Paul Cerami,  Rudi Widman, David Culler, Carol Hoffman, David Briggs, Alan Wolf
  • Spoken word by Russell Gonzaga, accompanied by Unity Nguyen
  • Cazadero Kings and Queens
    • Jeremy Steinkoler, Steve Gibson, Larry De La Cruz, Jennifer Jolly, Andrea, and Kerry Yates
pics/ThumbAliEthanSaraJacob.JPG   pics/ThumbDancenGenerations.jpg   pics/ThumbDrForest.jpg     pics/ThumbRockin.JPG  pics/ThumbWilla.JPG

Works of art donated by local artists Mel Adamson,Gayle Antakol, Rye Hudak, Dennis Letbetter, Laura Lovitt, KayMarshall, Arthur Mayeno, Masako Miki, Henry Parsons, Arthur Okamura, Laura Raboff, Alice Stern, Andrea Traber, Amy Trachtenberg and more.


Play and Create at the kids activities.  Finger foods and beverages.


One block south of Gilman between 5th and 6th.

$20 - $100 donations to MoveOn PAC or DNC.  Art work as marked.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer to help with food, art, activities, donations, setup, or clean up, please email us at

Print and post this flyer.
don't fear - create