Second IBM Pervasive Computing Meeting

January 7, 1999

(June 1998 meeting)

Workpad Infrastructure

To see what you can do with the Workpads we've handed you, visit here.


List of Demos

E-Commerce and Security

Groupware OS and Communications CS160 Projects


U.C. Berkeley:

Eric Brewer, David Culler, Anthony Joseph, Randy Katz, James Landay


John Best      Lab Director, Almaden Research Ctr.,  IBM Research  VP-Storage
Gerry Fisher  Object Database Development, IBM Santa Teresa Development Lab.
Brent Hailpern      Manager, Internet Technology, IBM Research
Guerney D. H. Hunt  Manager, Pervasive Computing Middleware & Infrastructure, IBM Research
Jean-Paul Jacob     Manager,  External Technical Relations, Almaden Research Center
David Kaminsky      Pervasive Computing Technology, IBM Raleigh Laboratory (representing Ajei Gopal)
Michelle C. Munson  Researcher, Almaden Research Center (representing Toby Lehman)
Michael Wirth       Manager, User Systems Ergonomics Research (USER) Software, Almaden Research Center