Lynn Chua

643 Soda
University of California, Berkeley
Email: chualynn (at)
GitHub: chualynn

About me

I am a fifth year graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Computer Science Theory group, supported by a Berkeley University Fellowship. My advisors are Bernd Sturmfels and Alessandro Chiesa. Before coming to Berkeley, I got my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT. My research interests include computational algebraic geometry, elliptic curve cryptography and lattice-based cryptography.

Publications (Scholar)

  1. Computing Theta Functions with Julia with Daniele Agostini, (2019), submitted.
    Julia package: Theta.jl.

  2. On the Schottky problem for genus five Jacobians with a vanishing theta null with Daniele Agostini, to appear in Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classe di Scienze.

  3. On cycles of pairing-friendly elliptic curves with Alessandro Chiesa and Matthew Weidner, SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, 3(2), 175-192 (2019).

  4. Schottky Algorithms: Classical meets Tropical with Mario Kummer and Bernd Sturmfels, Mathematics of Computation, 88, 2541-2558 (2019).
    Supplementary code.

  5. From Curves to Tropical Jacobians and Back with Barbara Bolognese and Madeline Brandt, Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, 21-45, Fields Inst. Commun. 80, Fields Inst. Res. Math. Sci., (2017).

  6. Gram Spectrahedra with Daniel Plaumann, Rainer Sinn and Cynthia Vinzant, Ordered algebraic structures and related topics, 81-105, Contemp. Math., 697, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, (2017).

  7. Proof of a conjecture of Guy on class numbers with Benjamin Gunby, Soohyun Park and Allen Yuan, International Journal of Number Theory, 11(4), 1345-1355 (2015).

  8. Bounded gaps between primes in special sequences with Soohyun Park and Geoffrey D. Smith, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 143(11), 4597-4611 (2015).

  9. Equipopularity classes of 132-avoiding permutations with Krishanu Roy Sankar, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 21(1), (2014).

  10. Gallai-colorings of triples and 2-factors of B3 with András Gyárfás and Chetak Hossain, International Journal of Combinatorics, 929565 (2013).

  11. Psi-epistemic theories: The role of symmetry with Scott Aaronson, Adam Bouland and George Lowther, Physical Review A, 88(3), 032111 (2013). Editor's suggestion.

  12. Novel ferroelectric capacitor for non-volatile memory storage and biomedical tactile sensor applications with Shi Yang Liu, Kian Chuan Tan and S.E. Valavan, Thin Solid Films, 518(24), e152-e155 (2010).