CS262: Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
Fall 1996

Prof. Eric A. Brewer

Tuesday, Thursday 11-12:30
310 Soda

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Fall 1996 Admission List

Current list of projects

Presentation Schedule

Monday, December 9th, 3-6, Room 508, (2 overhead projectors)

Kimball, Mattis and Scott
Eastham and Grigorescu
Fromm and Treuhaft
Chenney, Cho and Costello
Belani, Zhou and Thronton

Tuesday, December 10th, 9:30-1, Room TBA

Chen and Wong
Raman and Tung
Romer, Cardwell and Bowman
Cheng and Hsu
Wong and Kozyrakis
Thomas, Anderson and Tene
Lippe, Tawai and Morris


Reading List

8/27: UNIX
The UNIX Time-Sharing System
Dennis M. Richie and Ken Thompson
(New electronic version)
9/4: Multics (treat these as one paper)
9/6: Unix File System + Measurements
9/10: The Log-Structured File System, HP AutoRAID
9/12: xFS
Serverless Network File Systems
Anderson, Dahlin, Neefe, Patterson, Roselli and Wang
9/17: The Coda File System
Disconnected Operation in the Coda File System
Kistler and Satyanarayanan
(ghostview has trouble with this paper, but it prints fine)
9/19: No new reading.
Finish File Systems, talk about projects.
9/24: Virtual Memory
Machine-Independent Virtual Memory Management for Paged Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Architectures
Rashid, Tavanian, Young, Golub, Baron, Black, Bolosky and Chew
Don't worry about the details of the calls.
9/26: User-Level Virtual Memory
10/1: No Class
10/2: Optional Windows NT talk, 9-12, (Wednesday)
10/3: No Class
10/7: (Monday 12:30-2, Room 405!!)
10/8: Software Fault Isolation
Efficient Software Fault Isolation
Wahbe, Lucco, Anderson and Graham
10/10: Java
The Java Language Environment: A White Paper
Gosling and McGilton
10/17: On-Demand Distillation
Adapting to Client Variability via On-Demand Dynamic Distillation
Fox, Gribble, Brewer and Amir
10/22: X-Kernel
The x-Kernel: An Architecture for Implementing Network Protocols
Hutchinson and Peterson
10/24: Active Messages
10/29: Global Network Scheduling
10/31: Network Optimization
11/5: Synchronization
11/7: Scheduling
11/14: Scheduling
11/19: Extensible Operating Systems
Extensibility, Safety and Performance in the SPIN Operating System
Bershad et al.
11/21: Exokernel
Exokernel: An Operating System Architecture for Application-Level Resource Management
Engler, Kaashoek and O'Toole
11/26: Security

Project Information

Current list of projects

Past Projects

These are from various systems classes just to give a feel for the scope. The first one later appeared in ASPLOS.

Recent and Upcoming Systems Conferences

1995 Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP)

OSDI '96



Entrance Exam

There will be an entrance exam in class on Thursday August 29th. It is pass/fail, covers only undergrad OS, and should not be difficult if you've had an undergrad OS class (such as CS162). The test has no effect on grades other than admission to the class.
Last year's exam (66K PostScript)
Last year's solutions, provided by Bruce Mah and Tom Anderson (12K text)