Simply Scheme 2/e Copyright (C) 1999 MIT

Conclusion: Computer Science

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Brian Harvey
Matthew Wright
University of California, Berkeley

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This is the end of the technical material in this book. We've explored the big ideas of composition of functions, functions as data, recursion, abstraction, and sequential programming. As a review, you might enjoy rereading Chapter 1 to see how the formerly mysterious examples now make sense.

This book is intended both as a standalone programming course for people whose main interest is in something else and as preparation for those who intend to continue studying computer science. The final chapter is directed mainly at the latter group, to tell them what to expect. We confess, though, to the hope that some of the former may have enjoyed this experience enough to be lured into further study. If you're in that category, you'll be particularly interested in a preview of coming attractions.

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