UCB Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 21, 2005

  1. "The arrow keys output certain escape sequences (^[]A to ^[]D) instead of moving the cursor."

    STk does not support arrow keys. You can run STk from within Emacs (using, e.g., M-x shell or M-x run-scheme) if you want to use arrow keys.

  2. "I'm trying to install the STk rpm on redhat linux 7.3 but when I type in the command 'rpm -i STk-4.0.1-UCB6.i386.rpm' or 'rpm -Uvh STk-4.0.1-UCB6.i386.rpm', an error message tells me that there is a failed dependency because my system doesn't have the korn shell running."

    You can go ahead and run the command   'rpm --nodeps -i STk-4.0.1-UCB6.i386.rpm'.   Or you could install ksh, with the command:   'rpm -i ftp://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/7.3/en/os/i386/RedHat/RPMS/pdksh-5.2.14-16.i386.rpm'

  3. " The 'File Save' window and the 'envdraw' command don't work.   I'm using the STk version of scm on a Windows 9x system."

    This is a known bug that we cannot fix. The Tk calls that are needed for the 'File Save' window and the 'envdraw' command do not work on Windows9x.   They do work on WindowsNT/2000/XP.

  4. " I can't get STK to load onto my laptop with Windows Me.   I follow the instructions, add it to the start menu, but when I click on the program to load it, it doesn't do anything:   the cursor goes to an hourglass to indicate action, but no window opens. What do I do?"

    The problem was that when you unzipped the file, it automatically saved as C:\Program Files\STkWin32, so when you'd click on stk.exe, it would not execute because the path was incorrect.   To solve this, you just had to drag the STk folder within STkWin32 to the Program Files folder.

  5. " I'm logged into an Instructional UNIX system from a Mac [or Linux].   I type 'stk' and I get an error that starts with:

      X Error of failed request: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter)

    To correct this, use the "-Y" option with ssh, for example: ssh -l cs3 solar -X -Y.   This is not an bug in stk; it is related to how openssh sends certain X calls over the encrypted channel.

To Instructional Support:

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