Combinatorial BLAS compilation instructions for NERSC resources as of March 2020.

For version 1.6.2 and above.
1- First and foremost, make cmake active by running: module load cmake
2- mkdir _build
3- mkdir _install
4- cd _build
6- make -j 10
7- make install

For versions prior to 1.6.2, the process is simpler. After performing steps 1 and 2 above, just do
3- In your CombBLAS_xx directory, rename CMakeLists_NERSC.txt to CMakeLists.txt, replacing the existing one.
4- cmake .
5- make

For tests, you might want to run them through the interactive batch system. But first download the testdata here and extract it inside the _build directory. Then execute:
> "salloc -N 4 -C haswell -q interactive -t 00:30:00" // reserve 4 nodes of Cori Haswell partition
> "export OMP_PROC_BIND=true"
> "export OMP_PLACES=threads"
> "export OMP_NUM_THREADS=12"
> "ctest -V"
> or just run a single test: "cd Applications; srun -n 16 -c 8 ./dobfs 23" // run using 4 MPI tasks for node, 8 threads per MPI task

Contact for questions/problems.