Welcome to my homepage! 

I'm a postdoc in the Berkeley AI Research Lab (BAIR) at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Pieter Abbeel. Starting Fall 2018, I will be joining Technion's EE faculty as an assistant professor.

Formerly, I completed my PhD. at the Technion, and was supervised by Prof. Shie Mannor. Before that, I completed my master's under the supervision of Prof. Ron Meir.

My research focuses on reinforcement learning (RL), and its applications in robotics. Recent work includes investigating deep neural network structures that are suitable for learning to plan and control, such as the value iteration network. Another example is our work on learning cost shaping for model predictive control using a hindsight calculation.

Previous work focused on various risk-sensitive performance criteria, as opposed to the conventional expected total reward criterion. In particular, we have shown that many classic RL approaches may be extended to risk-sensitive criteria such as mean-variance optimization and conditional value-at-risk (CVaR).

See my publications page for more details.