David Attwood

Professor Emeritus


Applied Physics, particularly involving x-ray optics, the generation of coherent radiation at EUV and x-ray wavelengths, and applications to nanoscale imaging.


Classes Taught

  1. X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation Bcourses AST 210
  2. For class text go to www.cambridge.org/xrayeuv

Recent Students and Research Areas

Dr. Brittany McClinton (Intel), "Mask Roughness Induced Line-Edge Roughness in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography", EECS. (Ph.D. 12/2011)
Dr. Ryan Miyakawa (LBNL), "Wavefront Metrology for High Resolution Optical Systems", AS&T. (Ph.D. 5/2011)
Dr. Brooke Lu Mesler (Lam Research), "Nanoscale Studies of Spin Dynamics in Patterned Magnetic Materials Using Soft X-Ray Transmission Microscopy", AS&T. (Ph.D. 8/2010)
Dr. Christopher Anderson (LBNL), "Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography: A Few More Pieces of the Puzzle", AS&T. (Ph.D. 5/2009)
Dr. Andrew Aquila (SLAC), "Development of EUV and Soft X-ray Multilayer Optics for Scientific Studies with Femtosecond/Attosecond Sources", AS&T. (Ph.D. 5/2009)
Dr. Anne Sakdinawat (SLAC/Stanford), "Contrast and Resolution Enhancement Techniques for Soft X-ray Microscopy", Bioengineering. (Ph.D. 5/2008)
Dr. Weilun Chao (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), "Resolution Characterization and Nanofabrication for Soft X-ray Zone Plate Microscopy", EECS. (Ph.D. 5/2005)
Dr. Kristine Rosfjord (University of Maryland), "Tunable Coherent Radiation at Soft X-ray Wavelengths: Generation and Interferometric Applications," EECS. (Ph.D. 7/2004)
Dr. Yanwei Liu (SLAC), "Coherence Properties of EUV/Soft X-ray Sources," AS&T. (Ph.D. 12/2003)
Dr. Chang Chang (Penn State University), "Coherence Techniques at EUV Wavelengths," EECS. (Ph.D. 12/2002)
Dr. John Heck (Intel), "Optics for High Resolution X-ray Microscopy," Applied Science and Technology. (M.S. 6/1997)
Dr. Gregory Denbeaux (Albany University), "Soft X-ray Biomicroscopy". (with Prof. John Madey, Duke University, and Dr. Werner Meyer-Ilse, LBNL)
Dr. Regina Soufli (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), "Optical Constants of Materials in the EUV/Soft X-ray Region for Multilayer Mirror Applications," EECS. (Ph.D. 12/1997)
Dr. Raul Beguiristain (Adelphi Technology), "Thermal Distortion Effects on Beam Line Optical Design for High Flux Synchroton Radiation," Nuclear Engr. (Ph.D. 12/1997)
Dr. Max Wei (Intel), "Grating Based Soft X-ray Spatial Frequency Multiplication," EECS. (Ph.D. 5/1995)
Dr. Khanh Nguyen (Google), "Reflective Masks for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography," EECS. (Ph.D. 5/1994)
Mr. Jason Dimkoff (Sandia National Lab), "Spectrographic Study of the EUV Electric Capillary Discharge Source," EECS. (M.S. 5/2002)

Sample Publications

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You can reach me at: attwood@berkeley.edu