Andrew Townley

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last updated : August 2017




I have done a significant amount of mm-Wave circuit design at 94GHz for gesture recognition radar applications. This work culminated in a 4 TX, 4 RX phased-array transceiver design that was published at RFIC 2016 in San Francisco. A key challenge in realizing mm-Wave integrated systems is the antenna and packaging, a challenge that our collaborators at STMicroelectronics and University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis skillfully addressed. The complete packaged transceiver was characterized both at BWRC and at UNS' lab (which has the rare capability of performing 3D radiation pattern measurements). A JSSC paper was published expanding on the design techniques used for the transceiver and presenting additional measurement results.

Past work:

For my Master's thesis at Penn (2010-2011 academic year), I worked with the High Energy Physics group at Penn on the design and implementation of measurement and readout electronics for the Large Hadron Collider and related experiments. More specifically, I worked on a line-terminating low-noise preamplifier design for the liquid argon calorimeter that is part of the ATLAS experiment. The design is in fabrication in an IHP SiGe BiCMOS process.

Industry Experience

Google; Mountain View, CA - Summer 2014

Analog Devices; Beaverton, OR - Summer 2013

Nokia Research Center; Berkeley, CA - Summer 2012

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD); Fort Collins, CO - Summer 2011

Other interests