Aravind Srinivas

Aravind Srinivas

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I'm a second year PhD student at UC Berkeley fortunate to be advised by Prof. Pieter Abbeel.

I interned at OpenAI during summer of 2018 and worked with John Schulman on analyzing Proximal Policy Optimization.

I was fortunate to spend a few months during Fall 2016 as a vistitng student under Prof. Yoshua Bengio.

I am broadly interested in learning representations of raw sensory observations using deep neural networks. Currently, I am working on deep generative modeling and deep reinforcement learning.


Going to spend summer as intern with Aaron Van Den Oord and Oriol Vinyals at the Deep Learning Team of DeepMind.

I am currently co-teaching a graduate level course at Berkeley on Deep Unsupervised Learning with my adviser Pieter Abbeel and lab colleagues Peter Chen and Jonathan Ho. This is the first offering of this course.

I co-organized the Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2018, Montreal, with Pieter Abbeel, Joshua Achiam, Rein Huothooft, Satinder Singh, Joelle Pineau and David Silver.

Along with Pieter Abbeel, I am advising a startup on applying deep reinforcement learning for real world problems.