I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Michael Jordan and Martin Wainwright at UC Berkeley.
(Departments of EECS & Statistics; specifically AmpLab and BLISS/WIFO)

I completed my PhD thesis under Larry Wasserman and Aarti Singh at Carnegie Mellon University.
(Departments of Machine Learning & Statistics; Thesis: "Computational & Statistical Advances in Testing & Learning", won Best Thesis Award in Statistics)

I completed my Bachelors thesis under Supratik Chakraborty at IIT Bombay.
(Department of Computer Science & Engineering)

Email: aramdas [at] berkeley _._ edu

Papers (by type)


Decoding from Pooled Data: Sharp Information-Theoretic Bounds
A. El-Alaoui, A. Ramdas, F. Krzakala, L. Zdeborova, M. Jordan [Arxiv]
Adaptivity & Computation-Statistics Tradeoffs for Kernel & Distance based High-dimensional Two Sample Testing
A. Ramdas, S. Reddi, B. Poczos, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [Arxiv]
Function Specific Mixing Times and Concentration Away from Equilibrium (applications to sequential testing)
M. Rabinovich, A. Ramdas, M. Wainwright, M. Jordan [Arxiv]
On Wasserstein Two Sample Testing and Related Families of Nonparametric Tests
A. Ramdas*, N. Garcia*, M. Cuturi [Arxiv]
Generative Models and Model Criticism via Optimized Maximum Mean Discrepancy
D. Sutherland, H. Tung, H. Strathmann, S. De, A. Ramdas, A. Smola, A. Gretton [Arxiv]
Classification Accuracy as a Proxy for Two Sample Testing
A. Ramdas, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [Arxiv]
Universality of Mallows' and degeneracy of Kendall's kernels for rankings
H. Mania, A. Ramdas, M. Wainwright, M. Jordan, B. Recht [Arxiv]
Rows vs Columns for Randomized Ridge Regression: Kaczmarz vs Coordinate Descent
A. Hefny*, D. Needell*, A. Ramdas*, [Arxiv]


The p-filter: multi-layer FDR control for grouped hypotheses
R. F. Barber*, A. Ramdas* [Arxiv] [code]
(JRSSB) Journal of the Royal Statistical Society -- Series B, 2016
Towards A Deeper Geometric, Analytic and Algorithmic Understanding of Margins
A. Ramdas, J. Pena [Arxiv] [OMS]
(OMS) Optimization Methods and Software, 2015
Convergence properties of the randomized extended Gauss-Seidel and Kaczmarz methods
A. Ma*, D. Needell*, A. Ramdas* [Arxiv] [SIMAX]
(SIMAX) SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2015
Fast & Flexible ADMM Algorithms for Trend Filtering
A. Ramdas*, R. Tibshirani* [Arxiv] [JCGS] [github `glmgen'] [50 min. talk]
(JCGS) Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2015
Regularized Brain Reading with Shrinkage and Smoothing
L. Wehbe, A. Ramdas, R. Steorts, C. Shalizi [Arxiv] [AoAS]
(AoAS) Annals of Applied Statistics, 2015
Simultaneously uncovering the patterns of brain regions involved in different story reading subprocesses
L. Wehbe, B. Murphy, P. Talukdar, A. Fyshe, A. Ramdas, T. Mitchell [website] [PLOS] [pdf] [supp]
(PLoS ONE) Public Library of Science ONE, 2014


Sequential Nonparametric Testing with the Law of the Iterated Logarithm
A. Balsubramani*, A. Ramdas* [Arxiv][UAI]
(UAI) 32nd Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, New York, 2016
Asymptotic behavior of Lq-based Laplacian regularization in semi-supervised learning
A. El-Alaoui, X. Cheng, A. Ramdas, M. Wainwright, M. Jordan [Arxiv][COLT]
(COLT) 29th International Conference on Learning Theory, New York, 2016
Minimax Lower Bounds for Linear Independence Testing
D. Isenberg*, A. Ramdas*, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [Arxiv][ISIT]
(ISIT) IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Barcelona, 2016
Fast Two-Sample Testing with Analytic Representations of Probability Measures
K. Chwialkowski, A. Ramdas, D. Sejdinovic, A. Gretton [Arxiv] [github] [NIPS]
(NIPS) 29th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Montreal, 2015
Nonparametric Independence Testing for Small Sample Sizes
A. Ramdas*, L. Wehbe* [Arxiv] [IJCAI]
(IJCAI) 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires, 2015
On the High Dimensional Power of a Linear-Time Two Sample Test under Mean-shift Alternatives
S. Reddi*, A. Ramdas*, A. Singh, B. Poczos, L. Wasserman [AISTATS] [Arxiv] [pdf] [supp]
(AISTATS) 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, San Diego, 2015
On the Decreasing Power of Kernel and Distance based Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests in High Dimensions
A. Ramdas*, S. Reddi*, B. Poczos, A. Singh, L. Wasserman [AAAI] [Arxiv] [pdf] [supp]
(AAAI) 29th AAAI Conference on Artifical Intelligence, Austin, 2015
An Analysis of Active Learning with Uniform Feature Noise
A. Ramdas, A. Singh, L. Wasserman, B. Poczos [Arxiv] [AISTATS] [pdf] [supp] [25-min oral]
(AISTATS) 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, Reykjavik, 2014
Margins, Kernels and Non-linear Smoothed Perceptrons
A. Ramdas, J. Pena [Arxiv] [ICML] [pdf] [supp] [20-min oral]
(ICML) 31st International Conference on Machine Learning, Beijing, 2014
Algorithmic Connections Between Active Learning and Stochastic Convex Optimization
A. Ramdas, A. Singh [Arxiv] [ALT] [pdf] [25-min oral]
(ALT) 24th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory, Singapore, 2013
Optimal Rates for Stochastic Convex Optimization using Tsybakov's Noise Condition
A. Ramdas, A. Singh [ICML] [Arxiv] [pdf] [supp] [20-min oral]
(ICML) 30th International Conference on Machine Learning, Atlanta, 2013


My two main current distractions are trying to lead a plastic-free life, and training/fundraising for the 2017 AIDS LifeCycle bike ride from SF to LA.

Endurance Sports

  • Triathlons --- I completed a full Ironman 140.6 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in Louisville, Kentucky (August 25, 2013). I also completed a half Ironman (Grafham, UK, Summer '12) and several Olympic distance triathlons (Marlow, Pittsburgh, Tahoe).
  • Marathons --- I've run a few marathons (Pittsburgh thrice, Columbus) and many half-marathons (Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Wales, Birmingham, Berkeley) and many 15mi/20mi/30K races around Pittsburgh (Spring Thaw, Just a Short Run, Marshall Mangler).
  • Biking --- I recently completed the fantastic 2016 AIDS LifeCycle ride, a 550 mile ride from SF to LA to raise money for AIDS and LGBT causes. Another memorable ride was the MS-150, a 150-mile weekend bike ride through the hills and farms of central Pennsylvania to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis patients. I also did the amazing 500km ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, which is a fully off-road trail ride through parks and forests and rivers and canals (Great Allegheny Passage, Chesapeake-Ohio Canal).

Adventure Sports

  • Land --- I completed a fantastic 26-day Basic Mountaineering Course in the Himalayas (July 1-26, 2006), introducing us to climbing, jumaring, knots, rappelling, river-crossing, snowcraft, icecraft, safety, rescue, survival, etc where we reached a maximum height of 18,200 feet. I also finished a backpacking school in 2013 with the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh (ECP) that covered clothing, cooking, weather, first aid, planning, leading, etc and some wonderful overnight hikes. The ECP's great rock-climbing school was also very memorable, as it taught us a lot about the theory and safe practice of outdoor top-roping, using high quality gear to climb spectacular routes, peaking with our ascent of the iconic Seneca Rocks. I completed a certified Wilderness First Aid course in 2012. I also enjoy indoor bouldering, and have done orienteering in the past.
  • Air --- I completed an Advanced Free Fall (part A) skydiving course that ended with my first solo jump and landing. I've also been paragliding and parasailing, but I'd like to do a course in those too.
  • Water --- I completed the PADI open water certification for scuba diving, and have had the pleasure of diving around the world (France, Iceland, Singapore, Florida, etc).

Athletic Sports

  • Team - Cricket was my main obsession growing up - I played for the Oman U-13 team in the Gulf Cup (runners-up, Kuwait, 2002) and the Oman U-15 team in the Asia Cup (5th out of 14, UAE, 2004). I also played for the IIT Bombay team in three Inter-IIT tournaments (silver medallists, 2005) and around Bombay and the CMU team in a US-wide tournament. I used to play for my high school teams as well, in Oman and India. In IITB, I also played and won several sports for my hostel including basketball, water polo, football, hockey, etc and won several hostel Sports Colors and passing out Sports Color for these.
  • Individual - In IITB, I also represented my hostel's winning teams in sports like badminton and table tennis. At CMU, I picked up squash, racketball and tennis.

Cultural Activities

  • International - I received the Bronze and Silver award in the International Award for Young People (Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme). I also represented India at a 10-day cultural exchange program in Singapore (2004) and also attended a two-week Round Square Conference.
  • Intercollegiate - I represented IITB at several inter-collegiate speaking and literary competitions and won events like like Just-A-Minute (unbeaten last two years), courtroom trials, impromptus, quizzes, potpourris, wordgames, etc and won an IITB Instute Cultural Citation (given to about 5 of 1000+ graduating UGs/PGs) for the 30+ competitions I had won.
  • Interhostel - I represented my hostel in the Performing Arts Festival all four years (dance, background music, drama and voiceover, acting). I also took part in several inter-hostel competitions like dance, street play, drama, etc. I also represented my hostel in all literary and debating competitions, and got a hostel Cultural Citation for helping win the Literary Cup, and the overall interhostel Cultural Trophy.