I am a software developer at Nefeli Networks, a researcher at ICSI and starting Fall 2018 an assistant professor in Computer Science at NYU. Previously, I received my PhD from UC Berkeley where I was advised by Scott Shenker and worked in the NetSys Lab.

My research interests lie in finding lightweight mechanisms for achieving correctness in systems (broadly defined). My dissertation looked at how to implement and execute network functions; and how to verify correctness for NFV (network function virtualization) deployments. A selection of past projects and publications can be found on this site.

Before Berkeley, I worked on the Midori kernel at Microsoft. Before that, I received a Sc.B. in Math-CS with honors from Brown. My honors thesis was on symmetry breaking in constraint satisfaction problems.

I am looking for PhD students interested in working with me. My research so far has looked at problems in systems, distributed systems, networking and formal methods, but I am open to exploring new areas. The application can be found here. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.