Andrew Head

PhD Student, Berkeley Institute of Design

HCI, Software Engineering, Information Seeking

Research Interests

I build and evaluate systems to help programmers find and use information on the web. Today, asking a well-phrased programming question online can get you an answer in ten minutes, and a swath of guides exists to get started with the latest Python and JavaScript packages. But the right programming insight can still be impossible to find, or just take too long to share. I research systems that help programmers express and share that missing information.

I study with professors Björn Hartmann and Marti Hearst. I am lucky to collaborate with undergraduate student Matthew Waliman. I studied with professor Jingtao Wang at Pitt while I was an undergraduate, and have contributed to research in serious games and interactive device design.

Want to do research with me?

Send me an to introduce yourself! I'm always eager to work with motivated undergraduate students. Day to day, my research involves observing and interviewing programmers, analyzing data from studies with programmers, and developing programming tools (like this one).


Conference Proceedings

Andrew Head*, Elena Glassman*, Gustavo Soares*, Ryo Suzuki, Lucas Figueredo, Loris D'Antoni, Björn Hartmann. "Writing reusable code feedback at scale with mixed-initiative program synthesis", To appear, L@S '17. *The first three authors contributed equally to this work.*
Andrew Head, Codanda Appachu, Marti Hearst, Björn Hartmann. "Tutorons: Generating Context-Relevant, On-Demand Explanations and Demonstrations of Online Code", VL/HCC '15. Honorable Mention. [pdf] [website]
Valkyrie Savage, Andrew Head, Björn Hartmann, Dan B. Goldman, Gautham Mysore, and Wilmot Li. "Lamello: Passive Acoustic Sensing for Tangible Input Components", CHI '15. [pdf] [video]
Andrew Head, Yi Xu, and Jingtao Wang. "ToneWars: Connecting Language Learners and Native Speakers through Collaborative Mobile Games." ITS '14. [pdf] [website] [video]

Workshops / Research Competitions

Andrew Head. "Social Cues Developers Use when Choosing Open Source Packages.", FSE '16 Student Research Competition. [pdf]

Side Projects