Andrew Head

Programming Tools + Knowledge Exchange

PhD Student, Berkeley Institute of Design

Hi, I'm Andrew! I'm entranced by knowledge exchange in online communities. So I build and research tools to help programmers exchange and reuse programming knowledge. Much of my research focuses on code examples, or snippets of code that demonstrate useful patterns and provide building blocks for writing new programs.

Today, I'm advised by professors Björn Hartmann and Marti Hearst at UC Berkeley. I graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering and a BA in Music from the University of Pittsburgh, where I researched mobile language learning experiences with Jingtao Wang.

I help coordinate our weekly design research seminar at the Berkeley Institute of Design Want to talk about your work? If so, I'd love to .

I'm also eager to work with motivated undergraduates to provide hands-on design and research projects. If you like some of my recent research work, please get in touch.

Conference Proceedings

Writing Reusable Code Feedback at Scale with Mixed-Initiative Program Synthesis
Andrew Head*, Elena Glassman*, Gustavo Soares*, Ryo Suzuki, Lucas Figueredo, Loris D'Antoni, Björn Hartmann. Learning@Scale '17. [pdf]
* The first three authors contributed equally to this work.
Tutorons: Generating Context-Relevant, On-Demand Explanations and Demonstrations of Online Code
Andrew Head, Codanda Appachu, Marti Hearst, Björn Hartmann. VL/HCC '15. Honorable Mention. [pdf] [website]
Lamello: Passive Acoustic Sensing for Tangible Input Components
Valkyrie Savage, Andrew Head, Björn Hartmann, Dan B. Goldman, Gautham Mysore, and Wilmot Li. CHI '15. [pdf] [video]
ToneWars: Connecting Language Learners and Native Speakers through Collaborative Mobile Games
Andrew Head, Yi Xu, and Jingtao Wang. ITS '14. [pdf] [website] [video]

Workshops / Research Competitions

Social Cues Developers Use when Choosing Open Source Packages
Andrew Head. FSE '16 Student Research Competition. [pdf]

Side Projects and Miscellany