Alon Amid

EECS Graduate Student

UC Berkeley


I am a PhD candidate in the UC Berkeley EECS department, supervised by Borivoje Nikolić and Krste Asanović.

I am affiliated with the ADEPT Lab (formerly ASPIRE), and the Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC).

I'm interested in most parts of the digital computing stack, from circuits to software. I believe that the end of Moore's law and the never-ending demand for additional computing resources require us to solve the interesting challenges of distributed, parallel, and heterogeneous computing in an energy efficient manner. These challenges span across the computing stack from the single-core and single-chip level up to clusters of thousands of many-core heterogeneous machines, and require system-level design.

Specifically, I've been recently focusing on single-chip energy efficient processing of sparse data-parallel applications, hardware-software co-design and profiling of large-scale distributed clusters, and the trade-offs between general purpose data parallel prcessors and custom specialized accelerators for emerging machine learning and data-analytics workloads.

Solving these challenges requires advanced design tools and research methodologies. As such, I am a user of the “Berkeley ecosystem” for agile hardware design developed in the ASPIRE and ADEPT labs. I am also a contributer to the Hurricane/Eagle series of test chips and to the FireSim and Chipyard projects, each of which allow unique research and simulation capabilities.

I am a supporter of the open-source hardware movement as an innovation catalyst, and I try to contribute to the RISC-V ecosystem.

I am active within the UC Berkeley graduate student community, as a delegate to the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly (GA), and as the Co-President and former Treasurer of the Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association (EEGSA).


  • Computer Architecture
  • Parallel Computing
  • Energy Efficient Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Software Systems
  • Design Methodology and Automation


  • PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

    University of California, Berkeley

  • MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, 2019

    University of California, Berkeley

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, 2016

    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Recent Publications

FirePerf: FPGA-Accelerated Full-System Hardware/Software Performance Profiling and Co-Design

Achieving high-performance when developing specialized hardware/software systems requires understanding and improving not only core …

Co-Design of Deep Neural Nets and Neural Net Accelerators for Embedded Vision Applications

Deep Learning is arguably the most rapidly evolving research area in recent years. As a result, it is not surprising that the design of …

Nested-Parallelism PageRank on RISC-V Vector Multi-Processors

Graph processing kernels and sparse-representation linear algebra workloads such as PageRank are increasingly used in machine learning …

Using FireSim to Enable Agile End-to-End RISC-V Computer Architecture Research

The explosive growth in the RISC-V ecosystem has brought about a multitude of open RTL SoC implementations, as well as broad software …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Chipyard: An Integrated SoC Design, Simulation, and Implementation Environment

Continued improvement in computing efficiency requires functional specialization of hardware designs. Agile design methodologies have …

Tutorial: Chipyard and FireSim: End-to-End Architecture Exploration with RISC-V SoC Generators, FPGA-Accelerated Simulation and Agile Test Chips

This tutorial will introduce the Chipyard and FireSim frameworks for the purposes of full-stack architecture exploration and digital …

Tutorial on FireSim and Chipyard: End-to-End Architecture Research with RISC-V SoC Generators, Agile Test Chips, and FPGA-Accelerated Simulation on Amazon EC2 F1

Chipyard is a one-stop shop for generating complex RISC-V SoCs, including in-order and out-of-order processors, uncore components, …

Full-System Computer Architecture Using Open-Source Hardware and FPGA-Accelerated Simulation

In this talk, I will describe several research projects developed in the Berkeley Architecture Research group which utilize …

Full-System Computer Architecture Using Open-Source Hardware and FPGA-Accelerated Simulation

In this talk, I will describe several research projects developed in the Berkeley Architecture Research group which utilize …


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*I spent a summer interning at Google as a software engineering intern in datacenter platforms.

*I worked as an undergraduate student at Qualcomm Inc. in the the 802.11ad System Team as a PHY ASIC Digital Design Engineer. We made cutting edge Wi-Fi (WiGig) chipsets in the 60 GHz band, leading the world into multi-Gbps Wi-Fi data rates.

*I was an Infosys Instep research intern at Infosys Labs in Bangalore, India. I worked on a research project about “Hybrid Access Control Based Solutions for Cloud Services”. The result was published in the 2015 International Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet'15) in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

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*Served as an IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officer in an elite intelligence unit.

*If I tell you what I did, I'll have to kill you… but if you insist: I was a system officer, leading a team developing automatic intelligence analysis processes for an operational system. Later, I was a staff officer, responsible for strategic planning, analysis, and product development of technology mega-projects.

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*A long time ago (after high school), I was a network administrator in B.M Carmel, and I got to set up the network and ERP system for a new remote site in Vermont.

*A longer time ago, I was a youth guide in Madatech - the Israel National Museum of Science (I got to meet Neil Armstrong there!)

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*High Level Software: Python, Matlab, Bash, SQL

*Low Level Software: C, C++, RISC-V Assembly

*Hardware Design: Verilog, VHDL, Chisel, Vivado, Synopsys/Cadence EDA tools

*Basica Profficiency: Scala, R, Perl, Pascal, Prolog, Visual Basic .NET, Java

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I played Trumpet in the Technion Symphony Orchestra, Haifa Youth Wind Orchestra, and the Anderson High School Trojan Marching Band in Austin, TX

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English, Hebrew

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I am fortunate enough to have called several awesome cities “Home”:

Haifa (Israel), Portland (OR, USA), Austin (TX, USA), Melbourne (VIC, Australia), Berkeley (CA, USA)

You can also download my full résumé in PDF.


I love traveling. I've been to over 45 countries across 6 continents, and (hopefully) still going strong. Whether it's mountains, beaches, wildlife, outdoors, urban or historic, I'm always happy to explore new places and new cultures.

Antarctica is still an elusive destination, so if you know of a short-term opportunity in Antarctica, I'll be happy to hear about it.

Here is a sample of my travel map:

My dad got us a family domain a very long time ago (before it was popular). We had a web server in our house. We were also some of the first users of Google Apps (now known as Google G-suite). The web server no longer exists, but a small commemorative website is still out there: www.amidfamily.net

I am active in the Berkeley Hillel graduate student community. I also consider myself on the frontlines of fighting modern Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on US college campuses, and specifically in UC Berkeley. If you have any questions about that, come and talk to me.