EconCS Spring 2014

We meet on Tuesdays at 12:15 during the Spring 2014 semester, in 531 Cory Hall (the Wang Room).

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If you would like to speak, please contact the organizers: {alexpsomi,aviad}

The Econ-CS lunch is sponsored by Yahoo! Labs !!

May 6 | Vangelis Markakis on On the Inefficiency of Standard Multi-unit Auction Formats  

Apr 29 | Ehud Kalai on Learning and Stability in Large Games (joint with Eran Shmaya)  

Apr 22 | Sergei Vassilvitskii on Advertising in a Stream  

Apr 15 | Mohammad Akbarpour on Dynamic Matching Market Design [ paper ]  

Apr 8 | Tim Roughgarden on Approximation in Algorithmic Game Theory  

Apr 1 | Valerio Capraro on A model of human cooperation in social dilemmas  

Mar 25 | Spring Break and national Greek holiday  

Mar 18 | Manolis Zampetakis on Mechanism Design with Verification ( at 11:15 )  

Mar 10 | Nikhil Devanur on Draft Auctions ( Joint with Theory Seminar )  

Mar 4 | Zhiyi Huang on Making the Most of Your Samples  

Feb 25 | Randall Lewis on On the Near Impossibility of Measuring the Returns to Advertising [ paper ] and Here, There, and Everywhere: Correlated Online Behaviors Can Lead to Overestimates of the Effects of Advertising [ paper ]  

Feb 18 | Shai Vardi on Local Computation Mechanism Design - Stable Matching  

Feb 11 | No EconCS  

Feb 4 | Costis Daskalakis on An Optimization Approach to Mechanism Design  

Jan 28 | Darrell Hoy on Revenue in Bayes-Nash Equilibrium  

Jan 21 | Daniel Gross on Creativity with Competition: Incentives for Radical vs. Incremental Innovation.