CS602: Foundations of Probabilistic Proofs (S2022)


Instructor(s): Alessandro Chiesa
Teaching Assistant(s): Ziyi Guan
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays TBD
Location: TBD
Office Hours: TBD

Course Description

The discovery and study of probabilistic proof systems, such as PCPs and IPs, have had a tremendous impact on theoretical computer science. These proof systems have numerous applications (e.g., to hardness of approximation) but one of their most compelling uses is a direct one: to construct cryptographic protocols that enable super fast verification of long computations. This course will introduce students to the foundations of probabilistic proof systems, covering both classical results as well as modern efficient constructions.


This course requires knowledge of basic algorithms and complexity.


Completing the course for credit requires regular attendance/participation (on Piazza or during online lecture), completing occasional homework, scribing (once or twice), and a research project.

Reading and Resources

This course has no required textbook. Each lecture will have specific references.




# Date Topic Reading
1 2022.02.22

Interactive Proofs 1   

  • introduction to the course
  • definition of interactive proofs
  • GNI is contained in IP (with private coins)
  • IP is contained in PSPACE

Formulation of interactive proofs: