About Me

Hello! I'm an EECS PhD candidate at UC Berkeley working with Ruzena Bajcsy in the Teleimmersion Lab.

My research focuses on the modeling and control of physical interactions between humans and robotic manipulators. I'm also generally interested in design of measurement/control systems, and their application to human motion measurement, environmental sensing, and lots of other cool use cases.

Aside from research, I've spent two summers interning at Google and Intuitive Surgical. I also TA'd Berkeley's EE106A: Introduction to Robotics course for two years, during which I helped design a brand new lab curriculum.

Other Stuff

Before I came to Berkeley, I completed my Bachelor's at the University of Washington. While I was in Seattle I spent 2½ years building instrumentation for prosthetic limbs in Alex Mamishev's SEAL Lab, and moonlighted as an R&D engineer at Illionix, where I worked on sensors for explosive detection.

Aside from work, I stay busy with backpacking, camping, skiing (poorly), and other outdoorsy pursuits. I also spend a fair amount of time hacking embedded electronics to monitor beehives, mix cocktails, and other similarly important tasks :)


You can email me at: abestick-at-eecs-dot-berkeley-dot-edu

...or find me on campus at:
337 Cory Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720