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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS188, Undergraduate)

Graduate Student Instructor, Fall 2020

Introduction to the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. A specific emphasis is placed on the statistical and decision-theoretic modeling paradigm. I taught a weekly recorded one-hour discussion section, held weekly office hours. Gave guest lecture on advanced topics related to human motion prediction and safe robot planning.

Algorithmic Human-Robot Interaction (CS 287H, Graduate)

Guest Lecture, Spring 2020

Guest lecture on learning robot objectives from physical human-robot interaction. Find my slides here.

Linear Systems Theory (EE221A, Graduate)

Graduate Student Instructor, Fall 2019

Introduction to the modern state space theory of linear systems for students of circuits, communications, controls, and signal processing. Taught a weekly two-hour discussion section for 50 PhD, masters, and undergraduate students. Designed discussion section sheets, graded homeworks & exams, and held weekly office hours.

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming I (CMSC131, Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Spring 2014

Introduction to programming and computer science with emphasis on understanding and implementation of applications using object-oriented techniques. I taught a weekly one-hour discussion section of 30 students andheld office hours.