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aouAlbert Ou
Graduate Student Researcher
585 Soda Hall
Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
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I am a ~4th-year Ph.D student in the computer architecture group, advised by Krste Asanović. My primary research interests are data-parallel accelerator architectures and VLSI design. I currently work in the ADEPT Lab; previously, I was part of the ASPIRE Lab (2013–2017) and the ParLab (2012).



Technical Reports


As an undergraduate, I ported the Linux kernel in collaboration with qmn to the then-nascent RISC-V instruction set architecture, beginning in June 2012. The port was finally accepted into mainline in November 2017 for the 4.15 release, and I continue to serve as the RISC-V Linux co-maintainer. For historical interest, the original commit history predating the merge has been preserved in the riscv-linux archive.
2018-03-08 University of California, Berkeley