Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith

I'm a fifth-year computer science PhD student in the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley, where I work jointly with Michael I. Jordan and David Culler as a member of the AMPLab. My research interests are in machine learning and optimization. I am particularly interested in applications that relate to energy and sustainability.


L1-Regularized Distributed Optimization: A Communication-Efficient Primal-Dual Framework.
V. Smith, S. Forte, M. I. Jordan, M. Jaggi
Distributed Optimization with Arbitrary Local Solvers.
C. Ma, J. Konecny, M. Jaggi, V. Smith, M. I. Jordan, P. Richtarik, M. Takac
Refereed Conference or Journal

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Adding vs. Averaging in Distributed Primal-Dual Optimization
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Modeling building thermal response to HVAC zoning
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Refereed Workshop

Classification of sidewalks in street view images
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MLbase: A distributed machine learning wrapper
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