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About me

I am a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley. I'm currently working in the Visual Computing Lab and am advised by James F. O'Brien. My research interested are in computer animation, and I have worked in collaboration DreamWorks Animation.


Fast and Deep Deformation Approximations
  Stephen W. Bailey, Dave Otte, Paul DiLorenzo, James F. O'Brien
Repurposing Hand Animation for Interactive Applications
  Stephen W. Bailey, Martin Watt, James F. O'Brien
  SCA 2016

Teaching experience

CS189 Introduction to Machine Learning
  Teaching Assistant
  Fall 2017
EE16B Designing Information Devices and Systems II
  Teaching Assistant
  Spring 2016
CS184 Foundations of Computer Graphics
  Teaching Assistant
  Spring 2015
ME290D Solid Modeling
  Teaching Assistant
  Fall 2014