Note to Prospective Students and Postdocs

Postdocs and Graduate Students: Positions are available in my group for postdocs and graduate students, with suitable backgrounds (in CS, EE, Math, etc.), interested any of the following topics: Please see my publication list to learn more about recent research projects.
  For Postdoc Positions: If interested, please e-mail me your CV and a description of research interests and experience.
  For Graduate Students: If you're interested and are already at or admitted to Berkeley, please e-mail me and/or drop by my office to discuss research opportunities. If you're not yet at Berkeley, please read the information at this URL.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: If you're a Berkeley undergraduate student and would like to do research with me, drop by my office during my office hours. A couple of research opportunities are usually available each semester and during the summer.
  If you are not enrolled at UC Berkeley, please note that I usually do not take on undergraduate summer interns from outside Berkeley.