Craigslist-Google Maps Housing Search

Looking to rent a house or apartment near Berkeley or San Francisco through Craigslist and want to easily visualize where all the homes are?

Try the housing mashup for:


When the page first loads, you'll see a bunch of blue markers and a red marker. The blue markers all correspond to houses (with lighter shades of blue corresponding to cheaper houses). The red marker is used to narrow down the houses that will be displayed. The map will only display houses that are within X miles of the red marker where X is a setting you can change at the top of the page. Drag the red marker around to move it. The circle indicates the search area for houses. You can also filter the houses to display by price "X-Y" where X and Y are dollar amounts, and by the number of bedrooms "1+", "2", "2 3 4", etc. By default, it only searches homes that do NOT allow pets, but you can uncheck the no pets box to search for only homes that DO allow pets. Note that if you relax the filters to display many homes at once, your computer will slow down as it loads all the homes.

Click on a blue marker to pop open the description corresponding to that home. You can click on the "Craigslist ad" link in the description to see the original Craigslist ad. This will also highlight the description in the table on the right. Similarly, if you find a description you like on the right, click on it to locate that unit on the map and open its description.

The listings should update themselves at least once a day. You can find out the last time they were updated at the top right of each page. If you are actively using it to search for a house and more time has gone by, let me know. No promises that I'll fix it soon, but I will try if I have the time. Also, it only scrapes listings that have pictures since I do not bother with housing ads that do not have any pictures.

If you use this to find a place, drop me a line to let me know! My email address is on my personal page.

This was originally developed by Kurt Miller; he has generously allowed me to continue hosting this useful script here. Below is his original disclaimer, which still applies today.

"Disclaimer: I developed this for my own personal use and found it to be useful, so I am making it available to others. However, I'm not actively supporting it. It is JavaScript heavy, so may be slower or not even work with particular browsers. In particular, I have not tested it at all with Internet Explorer. Sorry if it does not work for you. This was heavily influenced by an earlier version by Percy Liang that I had used that is no longer supported due to Google Maps API changes."