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I look like this:

Living on the Edge

Stephan Adams

EE Graduate Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
205 Cory Hall #1772
Berkeley, CA 94720-1772

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I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering.

I am interested in communications and information theory. Currently, I am exploring resource allocation in computer networks under the guidance of Prof. Jean Walrand and collaboration of members of the Network Economics group.

I received a BS in Electrical Engineering from UMass Amherst in May of 2010, where I was introduced to research in wireless networking by Prof. Dennis Goeckel.

I spent the 2008-2009 school year abroad. I attended IIT Delhi during the fall semester, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong during the spring semester.

I like to rock climb and juggle. I have recently learned to scuba dive and hope to continue.

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