Technical Reports by Carlo H. Séquin

Modular Toroids Constructed from Nonahedra (EECS-2017-114) May 2017,
Carlo H. Séquin, Yifat Amir, Ruta Jawale, Hong Jeon, Alex Romano and Rohan Taori

Rendering Issues in Pacioli’s Rhombicuboctahedron (EECS-2015-169) June 2015, Carlo H. Séquin and Raymond Shiau

Construction of a Cubist Girl Cap (EECS-2013-130) July 2013, Carlo H. Séquin

Regular Homotopies of Low-Genus Non-Orientable Surfaces (EECS-2013-21) March 2013, Carlo H. Séquin [revised version of the one below]

Regular Homotopies of Low-Genus Non-Orientable Surfaces (EECS-2012-200) Carlo H. Séquin [replaced by the above]

Torus Immersions and Transformations (EECS-2011-83) Carlo H. Séquin

Constructing an Augmented Rhombicuboctahedron (RCO) (EECS-2011-77) Carlo H. Séquin

Symmetrical Embeddings of Regular Maps R5.13 and R5.6 (EECS-2010-137) Carlo H. Séquin

15 Years of Scherk-Collins Saddle Chains (EECS-2010-41) Carlo H. Séquin

Spline Knots and Their Control Polygons With Differing Knottedness (EECS-2009-152) Carlo H. Séquin

Intuitive Exposition of Third Order Surface Behavior (EECS-2008-125) Pushkar Prakash Joshi and Carlo H. Séquin

Interlinked Isohedral Tilings of 3D Space (EECS-2008-83) Roman Fuchs and Carlo H. Séquin

Tech Reports supervised by C. H. Séquin:

Robust Geometry Kernel and UI for Handling Non-orientable 2-Mainfolds (EECS-2016-65) Yu Wang

Using Perspective Rays and Symmetry to Model “Duality” (EECS-2016-13) Alex Wang

User-Guided Inverse 3D Modeling  (EECS-2013-103) James Andrew

Bending and Torsion Minimization of Toroidal Loops (EECS-2012-165) Avik Das

From Spiral to Spline: Optimal Techniques in Interactive Curve Design (EECS-2009-162) Raphael Linus Levien

Minimizing Curvature Variation for Aesthetic Surface Design (EECS-2008-129) Pushkar Prakash Joshi

Sound Synthesis from Shape-Changing Geometric Models (EECS-2008-105) Cynthia Maxwell

The Euler spiral: a mathematical history (EECS-2008-111) Raph Levien

The elastica: a mathematical history (EECS-2008-103) Raph Levien

Some old CSD reports:

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