Research Areas

My areas of research are embedded and autonomous software, computer vision, and computation in novel substrates such as DNA, nonlinear and adaptive control, robotic telesurgery, control of hybrid systems, embedded systems, sensor networks and biological motor control. Please visit the following websites for more information regarding my research interest.

  • CITRIS - The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society creates information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems.
  • CHESS - The Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems research focus is on developing model-based and tool-supported design methodologies for real-time fault tolerant software on heterogeneous distributed platforms.
  • TRUST - The Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology will be devoted to the development of a new science and technology that will radically transform the ability of organizations (software vendors, operators, local and federal agencies) to design, build, and operate trustworthy information systems for our critical infrastructure.
  • Robotics Lab - The Robotics & Intelligent Machines Research Lab host a variety of research projects ranging from disciplines more traditionally categorized under robotics, such as the design of microrobots and the control and coordination of unmanned autonomous vehicles, to more cross disciplinary topics, such as active vison and sensor networks.
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