2023 Publications



1.Xin Guo, Xinyu Li, Chinmay Maheshwari, Shankar Sastry, Manxi Wu. Markov α-Potential Games: Equilibrium Approximation and Regret Analysis. arXiv:2305.12553.  May 2023. [PDF]

2.  Michael Psenka, Druv Pai, Vishal Raman, Shankar Sastry, Yi Ma. Representation Learning via Manifold Flattening and Reconstruction. arXiv:2305.01777. May 2023. [PDF]

3.  Chih-Yuan Chiu, Chinmay Maheshwari, Pan-Yang Su, Shankar Sastry. Arc-based Traffic Assignment: Equilibrium Characterization and Learning. arXiv:2304.04705. April 2023. [PDF]

4. C.-Y. Chiu, K. Kulkarni and S. Sastry. Towards Dynamic Causal Discovery with Rare Events: A Nonparametric Conditional Independence Test. 2023 62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Singapore, Singapore, 2023, pp. 7610-7616, doi: 10.1109/CDC49753.2023.10383747. [PDF]

5. C.-Y. Chiu, C. Maheshwari, P. -Y. Su and S. Sastry. Dynamic Tolling in Arc-based Traffic Assignment Models. 2023 59th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing (Allerton), Monticello, IL, USA, 2023, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/Allerton58177.2023.10313516. [PDF]