2015 Publications

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6.R. Dong, W. Krichene, A. M. Bayen, and S. S. Sastry. Differential Privacy of Populations in Routing Games. In the IEEE 54th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2015. (File is 1601.04041v1.pdf). [PDF]

7.D. Scobee, L. J. Ratliff, R. Dong, H. Ohlsson, M. Verhaegen, S. S. Sastry. Nuclear Norm Minimization for Blind Subspace Identification (N2BSID). In the IEEE 54th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2015. [PDF]

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12.Lillian J. Ratliff, Samuel A. Burden, S. Shankar Sastry. On the Characterization of Local Nash Equilibria in Continuous Games. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2015. (To Appear)

13. Daniel Calderone, Lillian Ratliff, S. Shankar Sastry. Lane Pricing via Decision-Theoretic Lane Changing Model of Driver Behavior. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015.

14.Ming Jin, Lillian J. Ratliff, Ioannis C. Konstantakopoulos, Costas Spanos, S. Shankar Sastry. REST: A Reliable Estimation and Stopping Time Algorithm for Social Game Experiments. ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, 2015.

15. Burden, S A, Revzen, S, Sastry, S S and Koditschek, D E. Event-selected vector field discontinuities yield piecewise-differentiable flows. arXiv:1407.1775, 2015. [PDF]

16. Bestick, A M, Burden, S A, Willits, G, Naikal, N, Sastry, S S and Bajcsy, R. Personalized kinematics for human-robot collaborative manipulation. International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2015. [PDF]

17.E. Elhamifar, M. Soltanolkotabi, and S. Sastry. Approximate Subspace-Sparse Recovery with Corrupted Data via Constrained $\ell_1$-Minimization 2015. [PDF]