Sangjin Han

PhD Student
NetSys Lab (417 Soda Hall)
EECS, UC Berkeley
Email: <firstname>

안녕하세요! (Hello!) I am a Nth-year graduate student at UC Berkeley, working on some random interesting things in computer networks, operating systems, and parallel programming at NetSys Lab. My research advisor is Sylvia Ratnasamy, who is presumably the best advisor in the Universe ever.

Before joining Berkeley in 2011, I got a B.E. in Computer Science and worked as a research staff (pronounced post bachelor) at KAIST, Korea, working with Sue Moon and other collaborators.



  • PhD Student; Sep 2011 - present, EECS, UC Berkeley
  • Exchange Student; Aug 2005 - Dec 2005, Aalto University
  • B.E.; Mar 2002 - Aug 2009, Computer Science, KAIST


  • Intern; Jun 2013 - Aug 2013, Intel
  • Research Staff; May 2009 - Jul 2011, AN Lab, KAIST
  • Software Engineer; Feb 2006 - Feb 2009, Piolink
  • Intern; Dec 2003 - Feb 2004, Sony Computer Entertainment

Research Interests

My primary research areas are systems and networks. I am particularly interested in every level of building high-performance networked systems: from low-level architectural supports, through optimizations in operating systems and middleware, and to load distribution over clustered systems.


If you want to stalk me... (warning: I poorly manage them)

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