CS 289, Fall 2001
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Instructor Stuart Russell
727 Soda Hall, russell@cs.berkeley.edu, (510) 642 4964
Office hours Monday 10.00-12.00.

Lecture: MW 2.30-4.00 Location: 405 Soda
Units: 3. Suggested prerequisites: CS188 or equivalent, or permission of instructor.


This class will look at formal representations of knowledge and at reasoning methods that use them. The first half of the course covers logical methods for inference and decision making, while the second half covers probabilistic methods. Topics will include

In most cases we will be concerned with expressiveness, complexity, and completeness as well as implementations and applications.

What will actually happen

The class will meet twice a week; discussion will focus on the readings given in the accompanying reading list. There will be three assignments (20% each) combining written work with simple implementations, and a term project (40%) consisting of a substantial project or analytical paper.

Books: Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 1995 (to be supplemented with preprints from the second edition).
Course reader, available soon, containing papers not available online.