Picture of Me Hello! I'm Rod Bayliss III, a first year Ph.D. student working with Robert Pilawa designing high performance power electronics converters. You can e-mail me at rodbay@berkeley.edu.

Portfolio Recent Work

MIT Power Electronics Group M.Eng

For my Master's work I both characterized the inductor designed for my undergraduate research and investigated new, high energy density inductor designs.

MIT Power Electronics Research Group Undergraduate Research (Fall '18 - Fall '19)

During my undergraduate research, I designed an inductor which exhibits extremely low loss at a high current, high frequency regime using a distributed-gap ferrite structure.

FSAE Custom 20 kW Traction Inverter

As part of my advanced power electronics class at MIT (6.332) and FSAE, I designed both the hardware and firmware for a custom 20 kW traction inverter.

Tesla Motors Logo

SpaceX Internship

At SpaceX, I worked on the Starship power electronics team.

Tesla Motors Logo

Tesla Motors Internship

At Tesla, I developed magnetics simulation tools for PCB based magnetics and characterized magnetic materials for use in new power converters.

Picture of Battery Module

BMS Head Unit

FSAE Battery Management System Head Unit

Schematic of Simplified Buck Converter

6.334 Power Electronics Design Project

6.334 Design of a Buck Converter

Several wound toroids

Power Electronics Group UROP Spring '18

I researched high frequency magnetic materials for power electronic systems.