Useful faculty information and policies

Here's the Department sabbatical leave policy statement. Some potentially useful tax deduction information for sabbatical leaves can be found here. If you'll be away from Berkeley while on sabbatical (or other leave), here's some important information on health benefits.

If you'll be gone for one week or less, you need to fill out a short leave form. Here are several versions: a groff version (download and run through groff to print), an MS Word version, and an HTML version (print from your browser).

All faculty must fill out annual forms relating to APM 025 "Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members." You can download the Category I approval form here, and the Category I and II report form here.

Here's a link to the online version of the Academic Personnel Manual.

Extensive benefits information is available at At Your Service, the UC Benefits server at the Office of the President.

Here's the current list of visiting EE faculty.

Here's a link to the Department Guide to EECS Administrative Services, with lots of general information about the Department and its procedures.

Jean Richter's homepage (EE faculty academic personnel analyst).

As of January 2015, Julia Flinker is the CS faculty academic personnel analyst. Her email is (homepage coming soon).

For emeritus faculty only: here are links to various versions of the latest biobib form.

Faculty are not immune to repetitive strain injuries! Check out the RSI Page for lots of information on techniques and products for safe computer use.

If you have suggestions for other materials to add to this page, please email me.

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