In terms of hobbies, the stuff I was mostly involved in at Stanford was bridge and table tennis, as noted below. More on my recent (and now clearly past?) exploits is below.



I've been a little more involved in sports and games since I came to Stanford. The Stanford bridge club met every week in a very informal fun-filled session. International events are well covered at Bridge Plaza . I've been involved in a few interesting competitions over the last few years.


After being coached by Wei Wang at Caltech, I was surprised to find not much attention being paid to Table Tennis at Stanford. The Stanford table tennis club was operational my first year there, but then died due to lack of interest. I was playing off and on in the Palo Alto table tennis club and in some tournaments though. My rating was 1341. Some successes were

There are web pages for the ITTF and USATT which are sometimes useful. A one-hour highlight package from major pro-tour events is sometimes aired on Fox Sports. Tune in!!


I also play badminton, though I haven't been very active lately. Here is a link to the world badminton federation .

I haven't played for a long while, but I do follow world chess, especially if Anand is playing. Gratuitous links to FIDE's web site , and Chessed where you can play rated games. For information about current tournaments such as Wijk Ann Zee and Linares, the Week in chess is a good reference.

Hockey has been my best outdoor sport over the years. Unfortunately, the only hockey people in America know is the one played on ice, not astroturf. A good site is here or the official FIH site .

Like most others from the subcontinent, I enjoy watching cricket, though I don't play. CricInfo is the authoritative source on cricket.


Newspapers are perhaps the best source of in-depth news from respectable sources:

but a site I find really good is Rediff on the Net

ALL-INDIA RADIO has news broadcasts in English and Hindi . The web site has a great collection of stuff including archival speeches from Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and Patel. Now, DoorDarshan is on the web too. The news on it is slightly more in-depth. For breaking stories, of course CNN is the place to go.





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