Rachit Agarwal

Postdoc, UC Berkeley


B.Tech, IIT Kanpur

alpha@beta.edu [alpha=ragarwal, beta=berkeley]


I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley, working with Ion Stoica. I lead the Succinct project at UC Berkeley, that enables a wide range of point queries (e.g., search, RegEx, random access) directly on compressed data.


Read more about Succinct:


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Succinct webpage


Prior to coming to UC Berkeley, I completed my PhD at UIUC working with the awesome duo of Brighten Godfrey and Matthew Caesar. During my PhD, I was awarded the 2012 UIUC Rambus research award (for outstanding performance in computer science and engineering research), the 2010 UIUC Wang-Chung research award (for excellence in research), and was listed in Spring 2010 list of teachers ranked as excellent (for excellence in teaching).



§  Invited talk at Workshop on Distributed Computing: Mixing Systems and Theory (PODC’16)


§  CoNext’16, HotCloud’16 TPC


Selected Papers:

§  Succinct: Enabling Queries on Compressed Data, NSDI

§  BlowFish: Dynamic Storage-Performance Tradeoff in Data Stores, NSDI

§  Universal Packet Scheduling, NSDI

§  Distance Oracles for Stretch Less Than 2, SODA

§  Debugging the Data Plane with Anteater, SIGCOMM

§  Slick Packets, SIGMETRICS


Recent Projects:

§  Queries on Compressed Data [Succinct] [BlowFish] [SuccinctX]

§  Distance Oracles [ESA’14] [ToN’14] [SODA’13] [PODC’13] [INFOCOM’11]

§  Network Debugging [Anteater] [CherryPick] [Watchdog]

§  Datacenter Networks [UPS] [pHost] [FastLane] [Slick packets]

§  Coding Theory and Applications [ISIT’11] [INFOCOM’10] [ISIT’07]