These slides were presented at Microprocessor Forum on October 11, 1990 where I was asked to predict what would happen to microprocessors in the 1990s as part of a panel session. According to my memory, this is the first time I used the word IRAM in public.

Here is a quote from my talk printed in MICROPROCESSOR REPORT, November 7,1990. Title of article is "Personal Views on the Future of Microprocessors: RISC vs. CISC Debate Goes On, But All Agree 64-Bit Architectures are the Next Step", and page 12 says:

"Patterson also predicted a merging of processor and memory chips, noting that a 64-megabit RAM will have at least 64 million transitors:

'You can do a really great processor in a third of a million transitors today. What will be the incremental cost of including the fastest microprocessors available today as part of a mass-produced DRAM? The answer is approximately nothing. The most important processor of the 90's is going to be the IRAM (intelligent RAM).'