Markoff, John  Chip technology's friendly rivals. (John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson co-author computer science textbook) New York Times v140 (June 4, 1991):C1(N), D1(L).

Abstract: There is currently an intense rivalry in the computer industry: on one side is a group of companies led by MIPS Computer Inc, with John L. Hennessy, a computer scientist at Stanford University; and on the other side are companies led by Sun Microsystems Inc, with David A. Patterson, a computer scientist at Berkeley. The two maintain a friendship, even collaborating on a popular textbook titled 'Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach.' They share much in common: both promote a simplified approach to computer design called reduced-instruction-set (RISC) computing, and both subordinate corporate rivalry to the enjoyment of creating new technology. Each of their groups' now promotes its own chip, which emerged from research done at Stanford and Berkeley, respectively. Both devices are RISC chips.