Apprenticeship Learning and Reinforcement Learning with Application to Robotic Control,
Pieter Abbeel
Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford University, Computer Science, August 2008

[ALL | Deep RL | Apprentice | Optimization-based Planning | Belief Space Planning | Hierarchical Planning | Perception | Deformable Objects | Medical Robotics | Helicopter | Connectomics]




[128] Combinatorial Energy Learning for Image Segmentation,
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, Viren Jain, Michal Januszewski, Peter Li, Joergen Kornfeld, Julia Buhmann, Pieter Abbeel.
In Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Barcelona, Spain, December 2016. (arXiv 1506.04304)

[76] Optimization-Based Artifact Correction for Electron Microscopy Image Stacks,
Samaneh Azadi, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, Pieter Abbeel.
In the proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), Zurich, Switzerland, September 2014. (pdf, video spotlight, supplementary materials)