Professor, UC Berkeley, EECS, BAIR, CHAI (2008- )
Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab
Co-Director of the Berkeley Artficial Intelligence Research (BAIR) lab
Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist covariant.ai (2017- )
Co-Founder berkeleyopenarms.org (2019- )
Research Scientist (2016-2017), Advisor (2018- ) OpenAI
Co-Founder Gradescope (2014-2018: Acquired by TurnItIn)

Some companies I am actively advising: Preferred Networks, Deep Valley Labs, Dishcraft Robotics, Off World, TensorFlight, Traptic, onai, inzone.ai

I enjoyed acting in this Verizon commercial (aired nationally over 500 times :).

I frequently host executive groups for lectures and discussions on recent advances and trends in Artificial Intelligence. (Feel free to email me to check my availability.)

Pieter Abbeel
746 Sutardja Dai Hall #1758 (Google maps)
Berkeley, CA 94720-1758

pabbeel AT cs.berkeley.edu (preferred way of being contacted)

Quick picks:

Want to get up to speed on AI Foundations? Our most recent offering of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (and more materials from past offerings here)

Want to learn Robotics Foundations? My most recent offering of Advanced Robotics (from Fall 2015, stay tuned for the upcoming Fall 2019 offering!)

Want to take your Deep Learning skills from proof-of-concept implementations to what's needed for real-world deployment, monitoring, continuous improvement, etc? Check out Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp, co-organized with Josh Tobin, Sergey Karayev.

Want to get up to speed on Unsupervised Learning? Together with Peter Chen, Jonathan Ho and Aravind Srinivas I taught a new course on Deep Unsupervised Learning in Spring 2019. All materials have been posted on the site.

Want to get up to speed on Deep Reinforcement Learning? I co-organized the first Deep RL Bootcamp with Xi (Peter) Chen, Yan (Rocky) Duan and Andrej Karpathy at Berkeley in August 2017, we released all Deep RL Bootcamp lecture materials and labs

Want to learn even more Deep RL? The most recent offering of the Berkeley Deep RL Course is here (taught by my colleague Prof. Sergey Levine)

Want to see some of the latest Deep RL results anno Dec 2018? I co-organized the NeurIPS 2018 Deep RL Workshop with Josh Achiam, Rein Houthooft, Joelle Pineau, David Silver, Satinder Singh, Aravind Srinivas.

Some Videos

Overview of Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence for non-technical audience:

Fun recent conversation with my Phd Advisor Andrew Ng:

NIPS 2017 keynote highlighting some of my own recent work anno December 2017.