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I like to write about my ideas to learn, document, and explore. Writing is a slow progress of permanently distilling one's self and work in a semi-permament manner. I like to write about artificial intelligence broadly, with a focus on robotics and a theme of understanding trends that'll help make robotics accessible and equitable.


Medium/natolambert: I share all my articles here to gain viewership. I have become a contributor on TowardsDataScience. Over time, I became irritated with being subject to the whims of algorithms, so I made a direct email newsletter to connect with my loyal followers. Medium is great, but it had me writing too much click-bait.

Substack This is my newsletter. It is a hobby project helping me figure out how robots can best serve society, equally. Hopefully, this can help me contribute to the signal, not the noise.

Twitter A fantastic way to follow ideas of those you respect. Everyone can make a twitter feed matching up to their individual likes - I just recommend liberal use of the block button, keep it positive.