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This is an evolving mini-library of snipits of materials on physically based  model for characterizing microfabrication technology. It tends emphasize optical lithography as this is the main interest of the TCAD Group at UC Berkeley.

The purpose is to make available globally two types of information of likely practical use in microfabrication.


The motivation for rolling out these notes in the Spring of 2003 is to supplement materials for teaching the graduate class EECS 243 and to a less extend the undergraduate class EECS 143. The former uses the text by Plummer, Deal and Griffin. The posted materials will include a typical process flow, masks and alignment schemes for the CMOS Process in Chapter 2. They will also include materials on image formation, ray/wave view, aberrations, DUV resists, defects and inspection in optical lithography. Models for image blur in particle-beam lithography and resist energy deposition will also posted. Profile time-evolution in deposition and etching will also be covered. In many cases the LAVA remote simulation website can be used to illustrate these concepts.  A synopsis of Statistical Process Control and example use of DOE will also likely be included.

On the research front, many of the graduate student projects in the TCAD Group at UC Berkeley have used simulation and experiment to explore novel technology concepts and to generate quantitative data to guide both technology development and manufacturing. These web pages will give a number of highlights from this work.