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Recent Publications

SPIE 04 

Experimental verification of two phase shifting test masks designed to characterize stepper illumination and effective phase and transmittance of shifted regions on a PSM, G. R. McIntyre, A. R. Neureuther, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5377-16]

Simulation and RET for 2D features using immersion lithography at 45 nm, S. J. Hafeman, A. R. Neureuther, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5377-36]

Interferometric-probe aberration monitor performance in the production environment, G. C. Robins, Univ. of California/Berkeley; M. Dusa, ASML; A. Neureuther, Univ. of California/Berkeley; J. Kye, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [5377-214] 

Fast algorithm for extraction of worst-case image degradation due to flare, F. Gennari, S. J. Hafeman, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5377-145] 

Investigation of shot noise induced line-edge roughness in chemically-amplified resist by continuous model-based simulation, L. Yuan, A. Neureuther, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5376-32]

Effect of background exposure dose upon line edge roughness (LER) using enhanced SEM metrology, M. V. Williamson, A. R. Neureuther, Univ. of California/ Berkeley [5376-43] 

Improved performance of Apex-E photoresist with the application of the electric-field enhanced PEB, J. Poppe, A. R. Neureuther, Univ. of California Berkeley [5376-127] 

Fast DUV resist simulation and its applications on 193-nm model-based OPC calculation, L. Yuan, A. Neureuther, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5376-128] Poster Monday PM

Feature level test patterns for characterizing residual process effects, A. R. Neureuther, G. R. McIntyre, F. E. Gennari, Univ. of California/Berkeley [5379-10]

MNE 03



G. Robins and A.R. Neureuther, Pattern and Probe-based aberration monitors for the human eye,

G. McIntyre and A.R. Neureuther, Pattern-and-Probe Based Illumination Monitor

M. Lam and A.R. Neureuther, Algebraic Model for the printability of Non-Planar Phase Defects

Y. Deng and A.R. Neureuther, Characterization of material Contrast and Effective Wavelength Effects in Immersion Inspection

L.Yuan and A. Neureuther, Inhomogenity Evolution as Influenced by nonFicjean Diffusion and Diffusion-Driven Reaction in Chemically-Amplified Resists by Multiscale Simulation

M.V. Williamson and A.R. Neureuther,