CS 162 Group and Section Sign-Up Form

  1. Form a project group of 4-5 students, who can all attend at least one section. You cannot form a group with students that cannot attend the same session. Note that you need not currently be enrolled in the same section.
  2. You cannot use this form until every member of your group has received an account form, logged in to the account, and registered by running register (this should be run automatically the first time you log in).
  3. Each project group must fill out only one copy of this form.
  4. We will then assign project groups to sections.
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Rank the following discussion sections from 1 (most desired) to 2 (least desired). If you cannot attend a section, leave the box blank. Do not rank a section unless each member of your group can attend that section.

Section Day Time Location
  101 Friday 3:00P-4:00P 405 Soda Hall
  102 Friday 4:00P-5:00P 405 Soda Hall