CS267 Assignment 0: Describe a Parallel Application

This is a warm-up exercise to summarize the state of current parallel applications. The summaries may help you or classmates choose final projects.

Due Date: February 2, 2012 11:59:59pm


First, include a brief bio of you, your research interests, and what you'd like to get out of the class. This will help us form initial assignment groups, and later this will help you find project partners.

Examine an application problem for which parallel computing has been used. You may pick a problem from your own research area, somewhere on the web, or elsewhere (so long as it is verifiable). Build a web page briefly describing the application, the use of parallelism, and a frank assessment of its success, weaknesses, and challenges.

Some specific details to consider include the following:

Not all of these details will be available for all applications. You ought to explain what you find noteworthy about the application or its implementation.


Email the URL at which the GSIs can retrieve your work. If you do not have a stable location, you can mail an archive file (tar, zip, etc) or arrange some other transfer. Submissions in PDF and other electronic formats are also acceptable. The submissions will be copied and posted under the class's main page, so do not include information you wish to keep private.


Besides your advisor and Google, you may want to start looking from

The results from previous classes also may help:

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