Jorge Ortiz

 410/465 Soda Hall
 Computer Science Division
 University of California, Berkeley
 Berkeley, CA 94720

 Office:   510-643-3327
 Mobile:  617-784-6550 
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Classes Taught

Explorations in Science Research (Summer 2011)

In the Explorations in Science Research workshop, students will learn about new research, instruments, da ta, and analytic tools that are producing results at the nexus of science and policymaking for reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality. This seven day workshop is designed so that students learn how chemists, physical scientists, and computer scientists approach large, complex problems. Students will gain a basic understanding of computing and visualization tools.

CS162- Operating Systems and Systems Programming (Spring 2011)
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The purpose of this course is to teach the design of operating systems and other systems. Topics we will cover include concepts of operating systems, networking, database systems and systems programming, including multiple-program systems (processes, interprocess communication, and synchronization), memory allocation (segmentation, paging), resource allocation and scheduling, file systems, basic networking (packet switching, file control, reliability), basic databases (transaction, SQL) security, and privacy.

EE122- Introduction to Computer Networks (Fall 2007)
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This is an undergraduate level course on computer networking. The goal is to teach the fundamental concepts and principles for today's networks and how to apply those concepts, with strong emphasis on the global Internet. The course will cover a wide range of topics, including: packet switching, addressing, control, and routing; transport protocols, reliability, performance issues, quality of service, and congestion control; link technologies, bridges, and switches; applications such as email, the Web, and file transfer; network attacks and defenses; mechanisms to control traffic; and overlays and peer-to-peer networking.