InterView is a new multi-element display system which features autostereoscopic viewing, multiple viewpoints, and horizontal parallax which adds a new level of realism to digital displays. For any person viewing the screen, they will get a 3-dimensional stereo image. As they move left and right, the perspective changes with them. And our system supports multiple viewers at the same time, providing each viewer with their own viewpoint depending on their position.

In the image below, we show InterView on the left, and a method of image capture on the right. Of course, the content can come from a variety of sources, most exciting being animations from 3D packages like Maya or 3D video games. On the right are multiple cameras capturing multiple images of the same scene. On the left, multiple projectors, each projecting an image from one of the cameras, display the image to a particular slice in space which corersponds to one of the eyes. As the viewer moves back and forth, the eyes pick up different stereo pairs corresponding to what she would see if she were actually moving about the object.

If you have 3D content which you would like to display on InterView, please shoot us an email. we are constantly looking for new interesting content to show off on our display!