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Human-Centered Computing Seminar 

Spring 2000, 110 South Hall, Tuesday 4-5:30pm.

CS 298-31,
SIMS 290-4

Instructors: John Canny, 529 Soda Hall, x2-9955,, office hours Tu 1:30-2:30pm, Th 2-3pm
Nancy Van House, 307A South Hall, x2-0855,

The seminar will continue to address topics at the boundary between computer science and disciplines studying human behavior. Topics include education and development, collaboration, knowledge creation, design and cognition, and computers as tools and mediators of those activities.

Archive: Previous semester's speakers and abstracts.

HCC Readings: Here is a list of HCC-related books. Please feel free to suggest additions to it.

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Schedule for Spring 2000  

Date Speaker Title
1/25/00 John Canny (UC Berkeley) Overview of HCC
2/1/00 Scott Snibbe (Interval Research) Engaging your body with the mouse, screen, motor and room
2/8/00 Aaron Marcus (A.M.&A) Are You Cultured? Global User-Interface Design for the Web
2/15/00 Clifford Nass (Stanford U) How People Treat Computers Like People: Recent Experimental Evidence and Implications for Design
2/22/00 David Kaufman
(Education, UC Berkeley)
Towards a Framework for Computer-Mediated Collaboration
2/29/00 Tom Moran (Xerox PARC) Walls at Work: Electronic and Physical
3/7/00 Jack Whalen (Xerox PARC) Work communities and knowledge sharing in practice
3/14/00 Steve DiPaola (    A Real-time Group Communication System
using Immersive Natural Metaphors
3/21/00 Dacher Keltner
(Psychology, UC Berkeley)
New Developments in the Study of Expressive Behavior
4/4/00 none (CHI-2000)   
Pietro Perona
Human-Computer Interfaces using vision.
4/18/00 Jose Gonzalez
Agder College, Norway
Virtual Engineering Teams: Strategy and Implementation
5/2/00 Linton Freeman
(UC Irvine)
Visualizing Social Network Structures