Short Biography

Joseph Gonzalez is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, the co-director of the RISE and Sky Computing Labs, and a member of the Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) group. He leads the Large Models Systems (LM-Sys) and Gorilla projects which have significantly advanced open research in large language models and their supporting systems. Joseph is also co-founder and VP of product at Aqueduct. His research addresses problems in data systems, large language models, neural network design, compilers and distributed systems for large scale machine learning, natural language processing computer vision, robotics, autonomous driving, and graph analytics. Prior to joining Berkeley, Gonzalez co-founded Turi Inc (formerly GraphLab) based on his thesis work and created the GraphX project (now part of Apache Spark). Gonzalez’s innovative work has earned him significant recognition, including the Okawa Research Grant, the NSF Expedition Award, and the NSF Early CAREER Award.